The future starts with conversation.

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  • Conversation Is The Perfect Interface

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    speak naturally

    The Plexi voice platform was designed as a voice interface for the way we talk to each other. There's no more need to remember structured voice commands or be overheard speaking like someone incapable of fluent english. Just speak naturally, as you would to any friend or co-worker, and Plexi understands.

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    mistakes happen

    Sometimes the device thinks you said "four" when you meant for or thought you meant "bye" when you really meant "buy" (that has frustration written all over it). Plexi's natural language technology understands the context of your speech, and will change four to for, bye to buy, or almost any other homophone.

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    get things done

    Now that you can be confident your device knows what you mean, this changes everything. Order new boxers while driving to that sales meeting. Get news read to you while walking to Starbucks. Or even communicate to other aps such as as adding that Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino to your FitBit log.

    Plexi NLP: web-scale natural language processing

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    Plexi NLP is the first new full-featured natural language processing technology in over 20 years. Designed to rapidly parse the parts of natural conversation to determine a range of factors including context, sentiment, meaning, intent, and more; Plexi NLP is the ideal technology for voice interfaces.

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    Plexi NLP processes speech and delivers the results in the form of a machine query. The result is a very straight-forward process for developers, using our SDK, to create new services and functionality that take their input and instructions via casual conversation. Because conversation is the perfect interface.

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    Using the Plexi SDK, developers are able to create countless platform extensions for a broad range of new capabilities. Even if your service or product has no external API, simply integrate with the Plexi Voice Platform with the SDK to deploy your product within a robust voice interface.